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MEETING DATE:  July 13, 2004


(as gossiped in the barnyard)

July 13th, 2004

Meeting began 15 minutes before it should have.

THE HERD: Raym Walmoo and Dick Oinkroat

Old Baaaaa-siness

BRIDGE: Joe Cougle has been notified of the continued roof leak. He is all over it.

WAXING THE FLOORS: Dick has spoken to the man who does our floor waxing. He still plans on doing the week of July 17th

DOWNSPOUT: We need to cap off the downspout that caused the concrete slab to heave. This will work since we have 2 downspouts in that gutter.

SANCTUARY CEILING: The Cosistory requested that the committee get one more quote for repairs to the sanctuary. Raym has contacted 3 other restoration companies who did not want to touch it. He is going to suggest to the consistory that they go with the one quote that we have before the problem gets too far out of hand.

AIR CONDITIONERS: Dick was asked to remove the air conditioner that is being stored under the Crist hall classroom. He said he would do this.

Moo Business

DUMPSTER: Tires-b-gone.

BREAK IN: The new stained glass windows are in and look beautiful!

JAZZ VESPERS: Thank you to Daryl and Jeff Stackhouse and Jeff's girlfriend (who's name eludes me - but she works harder than Jeff does!), Sue and Raym Walmer, and Walter Shatto for all of their hard work in preparation for the Jazz vespers.

FLOWERS: Many thanks to the Bowens for all of their hard work in keeping the church looking nice. They donated several thingys of flowers and planted them in the cross planters and around the new sign and in other various locations.

MIX TANK PROBLEMS: Dick mentioned that the mix pump clogged 3 times due to the extensive use from the driveway project and the Bar-b-q pit project. He asked that he be notified of any more big projects that would effect the building use.

BAR-B-Q PIT: The pit has been rebuilt and leveled as an eagle project by Alex Lawson.

THE NEW NEW DRIVEWAY: The new extension of the new driveway is done and paved. This will be a one way driveway. Raym suggested a "DO NOT ENTER" sign should be placed at the top and a few directional arrows painted on the road.

Everyone went back to their individual stalls around 7:05pm.

The next meeting will be on August 10th.

Cluck - Cluck - Cluck